I smoked a pork shoulder for 18 hours 8 pound (time depends on the age of the meat, mine was an old pig, with harder mead but allways better flavoured meat) and 12 hours in the process i put in some ribs that i marinated in my rub for 12 hours.

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August 23, 2011

francogonima @ 3:59 pm #


October 29, 2011

AnotherAmateur @ 10:29 am #

I think the beer might be a nice touch. But over four cups of rub … that’s a lot of rub! I use just apple juice, dark brown sugar, salt, and sliced onion for my marinade. Think I’ll give beer a chance next time. Thanks for the idea!

November 15, 2011

jeff41768 @ 8:34 pm #

Nice job ! I’m thinking about getting a smoker and your video helped me decide

February 8, 2012

francogonima @ 9:35 am #

@jeff41768 did you get your smoker? I have been smoking rabbits, whole pigs etc… Let me know if you want some info..

francogonima @ 9:37 am #

@AnotherAmateur Beer is a nice touch. It gives some acidity and helps with the bitterness of the smoke. I use 4 cups of rub so I make sure I get all the animal marinated. Before introducing the pork or whatever it is that you are smoking make sure you since the meat with some bear and remove the excess rub.
Apple juice is also a good liquid to use, as well as wine and a shot of orange alcohol or (cointreau) Hope it helps

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