this is one of my bbq sauce i will post more later this is teh sweet and spicy i have 3 others i make when we have partys and cook outs

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October 21, 2011

mashguy2 @ 6:15 pm #

wall-mart ketchup to be exact

lowjoker77 @ 7:49 pm #

@mashguy2 yep rednecks love wal-mart lol 

November 22, 2011

mmguk @ 1:59 am #

can you buy liquid smoke in the uk?

November 25, 2011

st40fs @ 5:51 pm #

What the F**** is that?! – You are just mixing some industrial ready-made shit together. Why don’t you go to Wal-mart and buy a bottle of ready made sauce?

November 29, 2011

lowjoker77 @ 1:28 am #

@mmguk i do not know i would think so

lowjoker77 @ 1:29 am #

@st40fs cause i do not like the way they taste lol

December 5, 2011

chrisberry36 @ 2:31 am #

That’s a flash house for a red neck

December 11, 2011

rsx123 @ 3:48 pm #

This is not your BBQ sauce. I’ve seen this exact recipe everywhere fat liar.

lowjoker77 @ 8:25 pm #

@rsx123 lmfao your funny ok this is mine and you have not seen it cause the rub is my rub so noone has it thank you for watching

December 17, 2011

SuperNinja1981 @ 8:15 pm #

Dont listen to them retards Big D. YOUR SAUCE IS THE SHIT!!!! I keep coming back for YOUR recipe!! THANKS A MILLION!!

lowjoker77 @ 8:48 pm #

@SuperNinja1981 thanks superninja i have 3 more sauces i will be posting soon

December 18, 2011

SuperNinja1981 @ 5:05 pm #

@lowjoker77 I will looking forward to your delicious sauces. Best Regards Big D!

December 23, 2011

thenuguy65 @ 3:00 am #

i got here from Limp Bizkit?

thenuguy65 @ 3:00 am #

i got here from Limp Bizkit?

January 5, 2012

1azzkikn @ 9:06 am #

this is the best sauce i have tasted in a long time

January 8, 2012

lowjoker77 @ 12:28 am #

@1azzkikn thank you i use it for everything lol

January 23, 2012

babb4214 @ 5:47 pm #

What’s the “BBQ seasoning” that you put in there? Is it just a dry rub that you came up with? This sauce looks bomb and i’m going to try it out soon!

January 28, 2012

chokito111 @ 10:03 am #

good job…

February 7, 2012

lowjoker77 @ 3:05 pm #

@chokito111 thanks alot

lowjoker77 @ 3:05 pm #

@babb4214 just my dry rub i will do a video soon on how to make it

lowjoker77 @ 3:06 pm #

@1azzkikn yea i have 3 more sauces i love this one more lol

lowjoker77 @ 3:07 pm #

@SuperNinja1981 i love the haters bro it keeps me going lol 

February 8, 2012

babb4214 @ 3:03 pm #

@lowjoker77 Great! Thanks a lot! I’m looking to make my own sauce here soon, but i’m going to start even more from scratch and skip the ketchup and go with tomato paste and sauce and vinegar etc. I was just curious what spices were in your rub

February 20, 2012

incursion502 @ 8:35 pm #

Big boobs got me here, hmmm…….

lowjoker77 @ 10:14 pm #

@incursion502 hahahahahhaah well glad you came by

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